Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Flash Drive?

A Flash Drive uses flash memory to function as a portable hard drive, allowing you to store and transport any kind of computer file on a very small device. They can hold incredibly large amounts of data and are small enough -- about the size of a pack of gum -- to slip easily into your pocket, on your key chain, or around your neck on a lanyard.

How do I use a Flash Drive?

Using a flash drive to store files is just as easy as using an old floppy disk and even simpler than burning a CD or DVD. Just plug your Flash Drive into a USB port on your computer and drag the files you want to take with you into the folder that appears in "My Computer" or on your desktop. Your files are quickly copied over to your Flash Drive. To transfer the items on your USB flash drive onto another computer, simply plug your Flash Drive into the new computer, open the folder that appears on your screen, and drag the desired files onto a folder on the destination computer.

Will my Flash Drive work with any computer?

Flash Drives are based on the USB standard and operate with all PCs (Macs too!) and devices with a USB port and running Windows ME or later (USB drivers are also available for Windows 98, Windows 98 SE and Windows NT) or Mac OS 8.6 or later. Virtually every personal computer manufactured in the past 10 years is equipped with USB ports, and nowadays it is common to find systems with as many as eight separate USB ports.

How much data can a Flash Drive hold?

Flash Drives are currently available with up to 16GB in storage capacity and are available in a variety of storage sizes for different needs. For reference, a 2GB Flash Drive can hold about 250 songs in MP3 format while a 64MB drive would be more than adequate for transporting a large collection of WordT and ExcelT files.

What are the advantages of a Flash Drive as compared to recordable CDs and DVDs (CD-R/DVD-R)?

USB ports are much more common than DVD burners so while your Flash Drive will work with almost any computer, blank media (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, etc.) would require the hardware necessary to write data to them. Also, the process of copying files from your computer to a Flash Drive is much faster and simpler than burning a CD or DVD. What's more, Flash Drives act like portable hard drives to which you can add and delete files as many times as you like-as opposed to CD-R's and DVD-R's where you can only add data once and you cannot remove data once it is burned onto the disc. Also, unlike blank media which are sporadically faulty and deteriorate consistently over time, Flash Drives are manufactured and printed under rigorous quality control standards.

What are the advantages of using a Flash Drive instead of an external hard drive?

Roughly the size of a pack of gum, Flash Drives are far smaller than external hard drives, offering users unrivalled portability. Additionally, Flash Drives utilize flash memory-technology that includes no moving parts whatsoever unlike traditional hard drives-so risk of damage from rough handling and accidental drops is greatly reduced. Flash Drives are also more convenient because they do not require any of the configuration and setup associated with typical external hard drives.

Who are Flash Drives for?

Flash Drives are for everyone! Power users will appreciate the advanced options and portability that Flash Drives provide, while tech novices will love how easily and intuitively Flash Drives allow you to transport and share files. If you can turn on a computer and open a document, you can operate a Flash Drive!

As evidenced by our large and diverse clientele, Flash Drives are truly for everyone. Small businesses, large corporations, educational institutions, hospitals, government agencies, charitable establishments-all of these organizations have benefited from the capabilities made possible by our flash drives.

I need my products very soon. Do you offer rush service?

Yes, we offer 3-Day and 7-Day Rush Service options on certain orders. Our ability to fulfill Rush Orders is contingent upon a number of variables including product availability, complexity of logo design, included accessories, and many other customization options which may prevent us from being able to turn a particular order around extremely quickly. Please consult a sales representative for more detailed information and read our page on Rush Service.

How much do Flash Drives cost?

Prices are based on the capacity of the Flash Drives you order, the amount of Flash Drives you order, and the method and amount of colors your logo imprint will use. Services such as graphic design, pre-loading/auto-run, and customized packaging will incur additional costs. Please contact us or fill out our online quote form today.

Are there many manufacturers of USB Flash Drives?

Flash Drives are manufactured and sold by a number of different companies but only we give you the option and the ability to customize YOUR Flash Drive to your exact specifications. We are a leading manufacturer of USB Flash Drives. We manufacture our products using high quality Samsung and Toshiba memory chip sets.

How should I submit my organization's logo for production?

When we print, engrave, or heat stamp our various products, we need vector art files for pre-production purposes. This includes Adobe Illustrator (.ai) and Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) files. If you are going to send us an .eps file, make sure that it is actually composed of vector art and not just saved as an .eps from raster art (such as a standard JPEG, bitmap, GIF, PNG or Photoshop file). If you do not have vector art for your logo you can send us raster art of the design and we will create vector art from it for a small fee. For more information on submitting your logo please view our logo guidelines.

Can I brand my own products for resale?

Absolutely. Take advantage of our low prices and quick turnaround to stock your shelves with any of our customizable USB products. We can even help you with many kinds of customized packaging for your purchase, including graphic design work for clamshell insert cards and/or box design.

I don't see the color I want for a particular style of a product? Are there colors available that are not listed?

We list all the standard colors for each product on our website. We can, however, create Custom Colors according to your specifications. There is a minimum order quantity for creating Custom Colors which varies from product to product. Visit our Artwork Guidelines page or talk to a CustomUSB sales representative for further information.

Why should I order customized USB products from you and not an overseas vendor?

While many buyers of large-quantity branded electronics are attracted to foreign markets under the presumption of cheaper prices, they often fail to recognize the unforeseen costs of importation and long-distance shipping in general. Furthermore, time constraints become unmanageable should anything with the order go wrong, and with language barriers they often do.

Custom USB has a commitment to product quality and customer service that is rarely matched by companies both domestic and abroad. What's more, we are so confident that our pricing is the lowest online, if you are able to find a better deal, we will beat our competitor's prices by at least $50.00, guaranteed.


Can I use an Optical Mouse with any computer?

All CustomUSB Optical Mice ship are available with PS/2 adapters so the host computer doesn't even need an available USB port (PS/2 refers the connection interface that mice used before USB became widespread). Because of this, CustomUSB Optical Mice are compatible with any computer that uses a mouse (a driver may be required for Mac computers running operating systems earlier than OS 9). We can add this PS/2 adapter to each mouse ordered so that any of your recipients who have especially old computers or limited USB ports can enjoy the precision enhancements and ergonomic benefits of your gift.

What if I have a problem with my order or my product?

Any question about any product or order should be directed first to your sales representative. They will be able to help you as they best know your order. Don't remember your specific salesperson? Call us and we will route your call to the right party to help you.